Coronavirus: The Pandemic

2019 (December 2019)

According to our FNN investigation team and the WHO, the Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China. Human-to-Human transmission was not confirmed as of 2019, but people were still asked to stay home. The CDC, and some of our reporters did an exclusive interview with someone scientists. (The link to our conjoined interviews) Our sources also have confirmed that China has reported its cases to the WHO as Pneumonia. While the cause is still unknown, the WHO has decided to investigate. On New Years Day, the CDC has found out that the virus could be coming from the wet market.

Asian Front (January 2020 - March 2020)

BBC and FNN have been talking to China about how they could control it, they told us: 我们执行了严格的口罩政策,并告诉每个人待在家里 Which roughly translates to: We have implemented a strict mask policy and told everyone to stay at home.-(President/Chairman Xi Jing Ping March 2020 interview to BBC and FNN.), President Xi also told us that the people of China complied or they were met with force then forced to comply. Right around the time the forced mask mandate order was created, South Korea and Japan saw new cases. Human-to-Human transmissions were confirmed just a few weeks before this. While South Korea and Japan handled it well, China struggled for a while, then it got it under control. Be sure to tune into FNN News for live coverage of how China and the rest of Asia is handling it right now.

Lockdowns around the World (April 2020)

People all around the globe have been forced into government shutdowns, most countries have enforced it peacefully, others have not. In the US, anti-lockdown protests have errupted, many protesters have told us that this unconstitutional.Some pro-lockdown protests have also errupted. These protests comprised of regular civilians and essential workers.

The Pandemic during the Summer (May 2020 - August 2020)

Although the Pandemic has mostly died out, around the world in the majority of countries, it is a huge threat in the world's biggest countries, (excluding China), some relate it to poor management by various levels of government, We here at FNN say that it is based on a number of factors including the poor management by various levels of government, and the population density, and the amount of uncooporation and serious unwillingness among some Americans. Some other countries like Brazil, Russia, and India are facing similar problems, our investigation team has also found that out.

Late Summer / Early Fall (September 2020 - Today)

Many Americans are afraid to vote this election due to the pandemic, we talked to some Miami residents and asked them: How will you be voting? One person said: I am voting by mail this election, I am unsure if it is safe to go outside and stand in a 7-hour line with a lot of people and vote.

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